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چاقوهای تفال مدل کامفورت با جنس استیل و سرامیک در سایزهای مختلف از 9 الی 20 سانت و قیچی مرغ

Essential Comfort Knives : a complete assortment with both Stainless Steel and Ceramic offer. Comfort knives' benefits

    Ergonomic handle with soft touch for an optimal comfort and control of usage
    High quality stainless steel blades for high cutting performance and resitance
    Safe blade cover for each blade shape : security and easy storage guaranted

  10 stainless steel knives for hig cutting performance

    Paring knife 9cm
    Utility knife 12cm
    Chef knife 15cm
    Chef knife 20cm
    Bread knife 20cm
    Slicing knife 20cm
    Santoku 12cm
    4 steak knives
    Cheese knife

  4 ceramic knives for high cutting precision

    Paring knife 9cm
    Utility knife 12cm
    Chef knife 15cm
    Santoku 12cm

  Exclusive Comfort knives accessories

    Wooden block storage for 12 Comfort knives /strong
    Wooden cutting board with removable container
    Plastic cutting board with XXL juice collector zone
    Knives and block are available in set of 10 or 6 pieces

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